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What Is New ?

Due to increased costs and unreliable tracking, ONLY SALES TO US LOCATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

iPhone 4 & 5 TPU Plastic Bumper Cases!!!!!


The NEW TPU Plastic Bumper cases have been thoroughly tested and will NOT hinder your signal at all. FREE front and rear clear plastic shields will be included with each bumper case order.

More changes... We are running out our inventory of BLACK 3G/GS cases and will be discontinuing them.

Please check back soon for the latest news.. More…


Ever Dropped Your iPhone?

I have. It wasn't so much a "drop". It just slipped out my hand. Luckily it was on a carpeted floor. My heart still skipped a beat or two. So I designed a iPhone case that retains the designed elegance of the iPhone with safety of a wrist strap. I've never dropped my iPhone since!

See our new Cases for iPhone 4 & 5!

Order this case today (for iPhone 5 and for iPhone 4 and for iPhone 3) . You will never again experience that sick feeling of watching your iPhone falling to an expensive repair.


All Cases Feature:

  • One piece construction for "snap-on" fit will not accidentally come off.
  • Full access to all buttons and charging/interface port.
  • Protection of the potential impact points yet slips easily in and out of your pocket.
  • Sturdy 6" nylon wrist strap gives you added protection and provides a quick and safe way to retrieve your iPhone from your purse, briefcase, or pocket.
  • Available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3